Here we go!


Today Jamie Kern Lima released her first book called, "Believe It." I saw an ad on FB in late January, and like I do with many offers (FOMO!), I signed up to be part of her pre-launch party. As instructed, I pre-ordered her book on Amazon, got an advanced digital copy to read, all on the premise that I'd read it ASAP and leave a review. It took me a few weeks (I don't like to read books on digital format) but I pushed through. IT WAS AMAZING. Didn't get it? Go get it and sign up at to join her group because you get TONS of bonuses. She's donating 100% of her profits to Feeding America and Together Rising. Simply awesome.

Yesterday she had a free online event called "Becoming Unstoppable." Little did anyone know that it ran practically for 12 hours straight! 5 am HST was a bit too early for me so I missed the beginning. Let me tell you, that was the best event I've ever been to. It's important to know I don't really go to many events but I've sat through tons of webinars especially this past year and it blew everyone out of the water. TONS of brilliant minds sharing, no, POURING their hearts out with their love and best words of wisdom. It was so good I paid $97 for the VIP account to have the replay for a year! I even want to force my kids to watch a bit of it every day! That. Good. Mind. Blown.

My heart, my soul is full of joy and happiness that I became deliriously cognizant and decided in one day that I want to start a blog. Wait, what? I’VE NEVER WANTED TO START A BLOG. What the heck just happened?!

Mind you I’m writing to no one at this time, simply because no one knows I exit online (at the moment, but here’s to hope!), but I don’t care. I’m oozing with good vibes and I need to get it out! WOW. What did I just get myself into?!

Here we go!


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