From the messy/AR desk of sanann

  • NO does not mean NO.

    2.28.2021: Bet you’ve never heard that one before. FAIL does not mean to FAIL and END does not mean END. Come again?

  • Not mad, more like mad-mad!

    2.26.2021: Well of course I get mad sometimes, but it’s more an annoyance, irritation… very seldom mad-mad. You know, the kind of upset that gets you into tears? THAT kind of mad. Luckily, I know how to breathe… and best of all, I’ve got a short-term memory.

  • Anyone want to join me?

    2.25.2021: A friend texted a bunch of us that her husband ran 8 mi that morning for the virtual Aloha Run. He asked, "Anyone want to join me?" Err...

  • Dare you to Meditate

    2.24.2021: If meditation was part of the education system, oh how our world would be more at peace. If science backs this up, why the heck not? Yah yah not part of the curriculum. If you yourself knew something to be easy and beneficial wouldn't you do it?
  • Here we go!

    2.23.2021: Here we go! Inspired by all the goodness that author Jamie Kern Lima has unleashed upon the world, it's inspired me to write about it. Wait, what?!