Not mad, more like mad-mad!

2.26.2021: Some days life is like a friggin’ rollercoaster. Today is one of them. Great lunch, then a talk with my daughter’s teachers that was a bit meh. Turned that one around successfully and got it sorted out; all good. Then I got a text from a co-worker and learned that they got something that I didn’t, and that got me mad, like mad-mad! It didn’t make any logical sense to me at the time, which made me feel left out, unworthy, unappreciated. It all came flooding in. And it was all during a masterclass I had been attending online about manifesting your dreams! WTH, your masterclass isn’t working, dammit! No, no, don’t worry, I know that’s not how it works… or does it? Is my subconscious manifesting these obstacles I wonder now? Crap...

THEN, a few things happened. I remembered how to breathe. Like REALLY breathe. In through the nose for 4 counts, hold it in for 7 and let it out through your mouth for 8. Repeat 4 times. Did you know this is actually a thing? I just learned about the 4-7-8 Breathing technique (aka “relaxing breath”) recently. I encourage you to look it up and keep this in mind for yourself. It’s great for anxiety and can help you sleep better! 

Anyhoo, I did this a few times and started focusing on my masterclass again. Aren’t distractions great? Nah, they only last for so long. So…I proceeded to vent it out to my husband next. He’s such a great listener and helped me rationalize it, which I accepted. Then… i just kind of forgot about the whole damn thing because I have a horrible memory. Who knew that sometimes being forgetful can be of good use?

Now that I’m much calmer and have somewhat made sense of the “ordeal,” I’m a bit embarrassed for being that whiny kid that didn’t get a piece of candy when all the other kids got theirs. Sometimes life doesn’t seem fair but I’m suuuuure there’s some rational reason, some universal meaning for how this came to be, and I just have to wait my turn.

I have found my peace and clarity again. Plus, I’ll forget about it again anyways. Wait what were we talking about?

Wising you more 4-7-8 Breathing in your life!

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